Provenance, File Cards, and the Central Depot; Online Access to Records of Looted Artwork

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

11:30 AM EDT / 8:30 AM PDT

The Central Depot for Confiscated Collections was established in 1938 as a depository for objects looted by the Nazi regime from Viennese Jewish collectors. File cards were used to catalogue the art objects. In order to make this historical material publicly available, we scanned and transliterated the sources and added them to our TMS database, which feeds the publicly-accessible website. For the provenance research community we implemented an access-level to allow scholars to add related information, which is gradually being added to the public website and TMS. The online edition aims at building historical consciousness and making provenance research in Austria more visible. Since summer 2018 the website is bilingual.


Peter Kloser, Administrator, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Art historian (2000 University of Vienna), thesis: Fluxus & Chance; 1995-2000 assistant wood conservator; 1998 – 2011 staff of the German ifa (Institute of foreign relationship) for its worldwide travelling Exhibition “Fluxus in Germany 1962 – 1994”; 2000 – 2005 Inventory of Art for the Archdiocese Vienna; 2005 – 2015 Executive Director of “Kunstverwaltung”; 2005 – 2010 TMS Administrator, State Museum of Lower Austria; since 2010 TMS Administrator Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna “KHM-Verband”


Danielle Uchitelle, Gallery Systems

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